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We work to help clinicians with their important job – to treat their patients – to further improve patient outcomes, to make healthcare more efficient and accessible. 

ICU mission control centre

Like an air traffic control system, ICView is designed to be an intensive care radar and visual cockpit - to help the ICU clinicians monitor patients’ conditions, manage clinical workflow, comply with guidelines, conduct research. Importantly, ICView is designed for clinicians to love working with it! 

Clinically helpful, easy to use and flexible 

System’s visual design is unparalleled – it has been created using world-class methodology for the development of complex mission-critical IT applications, specifically for intensive care, guided by clinicians - to create a system which is clinically helpful, easy to use and flexible. Every clinician (and hospital) can easily adapt system layout for personal and local priorities; monitoring can be set for each individual patient reflecting specific conditions and comorbidities.

System modules 

ICView includes a highly visual ICU cockpit (incorporating evidence-based clinical decision support and predictive analytics), ICU-PDMS, ICU registry and advanced reporting (clinical process, outcomes, research).

The system combines and analyses real time clinical data from various sources. It enables automated data collection, reporting/submission, service benchmarking and research. The system also includes a communication module - it allows two-way audio/video connection to enable the clinicians to discuss patient treatment when needed.

All levels of IT adoption, all budgets

ICView is designed for intensive care units/providers of all types, all ‘budgets’ and all levels of IT adoption. If your ICU is paperless, the system can integrate with your local PDMS/HIS and equipment; alternatively, if your ICU is paper-based or has a basic PAS, ICView can be your intensive care information system.

ICView has been developed and successfully implemented in European hospitals as part of THALEA. We would be delighted to demonstrate the system and discuss implementation in any country.

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